Directory Size Calculator

Directory Size Calculator 1.08

Calculate the total size of directories


  • Simple design, simple to use
  • Quick folder analysis


  • Results only displayed on screen: they can't be saved

Not bad

Yesterday I was trying to do some file clean-up in my hard drive and I realized how uncomfortable it is to check directory size in Windows! You have to click on each folder one by one and either wait to the alt text to appear or open the Properties window.

This is why I'm glad I found this utility today. Directory Size Calculator takes whatever folder you select and quickly calculates its size recursively, which means it also analyzes and displays the size of subdirectories, both in GB or MB and in percentages.

The program has a very simple design and it's deadly simple to use. On the downside, I missed an option to save the listing in some way or even print it out.

This tool was developed to help you to analyze and clean-up the files/directories on your hard drive. It recursively calculates the total size of all directories and presents the results in a tree chart.

The directories will be sorted by their size, so you can easily trace where your disk space is exhausted. Futhermore you can directly move or delete files and directories if necessary.

Directory Size Calculator


Directory Size Calculator 1.08

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